Welcome to Truly Life

Fuelled by a passion to help others live their best life, share stories that inspire and a love for interior design Truly Life was created.

I’m Lauren the person behind the idea. I’m married with a pretty good looking husband, drink tea like my life depends on it and I can’t stop watching Grey’s Anatomy no matter how many time I’ve already seen it.

I currently work as a freelance presenter, voiceover and journalist and I love it.

So why set up Truly Life?

To share a little bit of what makes me happy.

I decided years ago I wanted to set something up to call my own, but it never quite felt right. I have tried numerous ways to share my ideas, but something has always been missing.

It felt like I needed to choose one thing and run with it, until I realised it was ok to do a little bit of everything I loved and people would either love it or hate it.

It all started with The TeaUniq Podcast. I was interviewing some amazing people and sharing their ‘uniq’ stories of success, heartbreak, inspiration and so much more whilst enjoying the perfect virtual cuppa. (It was 2020 and we were in a pandemic so virtual was the only way forward.)

I then decided I wanted to include my passion for interior design and help others to live their best life.

I trained as a life coach in 2017 after struggling with OCD and anxiety for a number of years.

Working in the media industry, like any other job, comes with a lot of competition and pressure to be the best, but it was my dream to become a presenter and journalist, so I didn’t let it hold me back and decided to take control of my life and what came next.

Through learning about myself and taking control of my future I’ve now presented on radio shows in both the UK & USA, launched two podcasts and even had the opportunity to host on the red carpet at the BAFTA’s .

Now it feels like the right time for me to help others start living the life they deserve.

And finally I am totally obsessed with making my home beautiful and wanting it to look like a show house every day, much to my husband’s distress.

So although I’m no expert I going to be sharing lifestyle, home tips and advice through the blog.

I want everyone to get that feeling of excitement when you decorate the house, buy a new plant or create the perfect space that makes your house feel more like a home.

Along the way on this journey I will be working with some amazing people who will appear on the podcast, the blog and even feature their products in our shop.

Here at Truly Life we believe everyone deserve to be the best version of themselves and through our podcast, coaching and blog we really hope to help you find a little motivation and inspiration to do just that.

So stick the kettle on, grab a cuppa and join us on this journey.